• You Are Important – Treat Yourself Well

    Being Kind to other comes easy (hopefully), a small gift, a smile or even just interaction.  Being kind to ourselves is often forgotten about or put to the bottom of a whole list of tasks.  At what point do we say, ‘right it’s my turn now?’ without that feeling of guilt or self-indulgence.  The answer is hardly ever because we are taught to be kind to others, we are not really taught to be kind to ourselves!?
  • Rome wasn't built in a day......'A Gift For' was!!

    A Gift For grew out of a vision, a vision to create something different...Louise has a vast background in multi level marketing businesses and was frustrated with the endless push to sell, recruit, sell etc etc...She wanted the whole experience from choosing the products to selling, so off she went and bought her first bulk order to sell to friends & family...A Gift For really was built in a day with £100!!