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You Are Important – Treat Yourself Well

If there is one thing I have learned in the last year, it is to BE KIND, to others, absolutely but especially to yourself, we have all been through a lot, we are not invincible.  We have earned kindness especially toward ourselves!


Being Kind to other comes easy (hopefully), a small gift, a smile or even just interaction.  Being kind to ourselves is often forgotten about or put to the bottom of a whole list of tasks.  At what point do we say, ‘right it’s my turn now?’ without that feeling of guilt or self-indulgence.  The answer is hardly ever because we are taught to be kind to others, we are not really taught to be kind to ourselves!?


Give yourself permission to treat yourself!!


The options are endless:


 A long soak in the bath

Reading a good book

A glass of wine sitting in the sun

Doing absolutely nothing at all

Buying that item, you have had your eye on for ages.

A long walk

Eating a box of chocolates

A massage


There are so many ways to take time and just treat ourselves well. You may find yourself feeling reset, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the tasks, and if you are not, treat yourself some more, there is no limits to your own wellbeing and happiness! You are worth it!

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